MA LIGHTING GMA3 Touringpack




onPC wing zur Echtzeit-Kontrolle von 4 096 Parametern in Kombination mit grandMA3 onPC

Layout der Befehlssektion identisch zu den grandMA3 compact Modellen

29 rotierbare RGB-hinterleuchtete Encoder

5 Dual Encoder

10 motorisierte 60 mm Fader

40 unabhängige Playbacks

16 zuweisbare x-Tasten

2 motorisierte A/B 100 mm Fader

1 Level Wheel

Individuell hinterleuchtete, dimmbare und geräuscharme (klicklose) Tasten

Intel Core i7
– AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH Graphics
– 120GB SSD M.2, 16GB RAM
– Windows 10 PRO
– Screens:
– 2 x 15,5” touchscreen
– 10 point multitouch
– 4K max resolution
– UPS 600VA
– Ethernet swi tch (8 x 10/100/1000Mbps)
– Wireless lit keyboard with touchpad
– LED lighting for the wing
– 2 x gooseneck lamps
– Neutrik connectors mount on the back panel: DMX IN, OUT (XLR 3 or 5pin), Power
(TRUE1), Ethernet (RJ45).
– additional USB connector in the front (for pendrive with show)
– Dust cover
– Cable for charging phone in the storage place (USB-C, microUSB, Apple Lighting)
– Weight of the set with Command Wing and 2Port Node: 55kg.